Features of Your Bag - Tara&Co


Welcome to your new Heather bag! Here's a few highlights of your bag to help you get started:

Two Silhouettes

Everyday Silhouette
Your Heather bag is built with two silhouettes. Our "everyday" smaller silhouette has organization to protect and hold your devices like a laptop (padded pocket for up to a 13” laptop), charger, phone and more. There's also ample space for active wear.
Expandable Silhouette
Zip down both sides for a second silhouette which is a fully separated compartment. Use it for your gym shoes, heels, or dirty laundry. The expansion allows you extra space as needed and the open top gives you the ability to aerate.
To go back to silhouette 1, simply tuck in the wings and zip each side back up.
Integrated Clutch (Optional)
If you ordered an additional signature Tara&Co colored clutch as your third bag, simply unpack it and fold it over to get started.
Attaching your Clutch
Your main bag comes with two magnetic attachment points located in the front pocket of your bag.
To attach your clutch, simply slip the body of your clutch into the front pocket of your bag and fold over the flap at attachment points on the outside of the pocket. It will snugly hold your clutch, but with a little tug, you can easily remove your clutch when you’re on the go.
Extra Security
For extra security, clip the dual key fob/security strap to the side ring of your clutch to ensure no one can remove it but you!
Works Across All Styles
Can’t get enough Tara&Co? If you also have a Tracy bag, you can attach your clutch using the zipper on the bottom of your bag or on any bag from line two using the magnets.
Versatile Wings and Water Bottle Holder
The versatile wings of your Heather bag also double as a snug water bottle holder when they’re folded into the bag in Silhouette 1. There’s one on either side of your bag. To use this feature in Silhouette 1, insert your water bottle between the elastic circular loops.
If you choose to convert your bag to Silhouette 2 while using the water bottle holder feature, your water bottle will end up in one of the separated outside wings and be easily accessible.