Features of Your Bag - Tara&Co


Welcome to your new Danielle bag! Here's a few highlights of your bag to help you get started:

Multi-Use: Up to Three Integrated Bags

Duffel Bag (included)
The first is your duffel. This main bag comes complete with laptop pockets a larger zipper pocket and encompasses most of your features like a charger pocket located in your side pocket and a separate compartment.
Daypack (included)
Your second bag is your daypack – backpack or tote -- a zip-off bag seamlessly integrated into the main bag.
To use your daypack, zip it off by finding the zipper on the lower right corner. Then zip it off by moving it in a counterclockwise direction until the pack is fully separated from the main bag. Detach it so the pouch is standalone.
Once you’ve detached your pouch, unzip it from the middle and flip it inside out. This is the front pocket of your 2nd bag. Zip the front pocket back up and you daypack is complete. You’re ready to take the day by storm!
Integrated Clutch (Optional)
If you ordered an additional signature Tara&Co colored clutch as your third bag, simply unpack it and fold it over to get started.
Attaching your Clutch
Your main bag comes with two magnetic attachment points located in the front pocket of your main bag.
To attach your clutch, simply slip the body of your clutch into the front pocket of your main bag and fold over the flap at attachment points on the outside of the pocket. It will snugly hold your clutch, but with a little tug, you can easily remove your clutch when you’re on the go.
Extra Security
For extra security, clip the dual key fob/security strap to the side ring of your clutch to ensure no one can remove it but you!
Works Across All Styles
Can’t get enough Tara&Co? If you also have a Tracy bag, you can attach your clutch using the zipper on the bottom of your bag or on any bag from line two using the magnets.
Charge on the Go
Wish it was easy to charge on-the-go? We have the perfect charging setup for you. Add the charge of your choice to the charger pocket located in the side pocket on your main bag*. The pocket gently holds your charger and the pocket is specially designed so you can plug in your phone, run your charger out, if you need to charge or text on the go.

*charger and cord not included with purchase.

Separate Compartment
For those that need to separate out shoes or dirty laundry, explore your bottom compartment which is completely sectioned off from the rest of the bag.