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Created for women, by women.

Julia Lam
Julia Lam
Founder, CEO

Tara&Co is created by former Facebooker, Julia Lam.

As a CEO, Julia was tired of choosing between practicality and elegance when it came to her wardrobe: high-end brand names offered little functionality, while leisure brands lacked sophistication. That's why she created Tara&Co, for industrious women everywhere facing the same limited options.

Tara&Co and its collections are inspired by and named after trailblazing women.

The name “Tara” is inspired and named after Green Tara, the Buddhist mother goddess who represents action, great strength, and the virtues of success in work and achievements. We felt those characteristics represented the women we were designing for.

We create sleek and useful products, empowering sophisticated women everywhere to succeed in the office — and wherever life takes you.

Tara — Style for your life


Linda Findley Kozlowski
Linda Findley Kozlowski
COO, Etsy
Clara Shih
Clara Shih
CEO, Hearsay Systems
Board of Starbucks
Kim Spalding
Kim Spalding
GM of SMB Ads, Google
Former COO, Homejoy


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